October 30, 2014

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday @ 2AM

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 2AM, when the clock is moved back to 1AM.
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Oil-by-rail safety meeting tonight in Olympia

"State Ecology expects full house for meeting on oil-by-rail safety Thursday evening in Olympia"
"Environmentalists hope to pack a public meeting on oil-by-rail safety Thursday evening in Olympia. The Department of Ecology is asking for comment about its draft study of spill risks related to the fast-growing practice of shipping oil by rail

Ecology’s risk study, which the Legislature authorized and Gov. Jay Inslee accelerated by issuing an executive order, was released Oct. 1 in draft form."

"The event starts with an open house at 5 p.m. [at the Red Lion hotel] that includes information booths staffed by experts in marine, rail and spill response. A presentation by DOE will start at 6, and the public can comment starting at 6:30," quoting Brad Shannon in The Olympian.
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October 29, 2014

"Bleeping Herald" returns - puts Yelm in spotlight

"What the Bleep Do We Know!?" was a ground-breaking film that opened in Yelm in February 2004 and became the fifth highest grossing documentary in the United States, with ticket sales of $12 million. The film was conceived and production funded by William Arntz, who co-directed the film along with Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente.

The return of The Bleeping Herald e-newsletter once gain puts Yelm in the spotlight.

The Bleeping Herald – October 2014
Greetings What the BLEEP Do We Know!? fans, followers, and aficionados.
It's been 2 years since the last hello and much has happened in our world, your world, and the world.

In This Issue
– Rereleasing Down the Rabbit Hole!
– Will Arntz appearing live on Beyond Words Presents
– We’re having a birthday party!
– Future experts, future BLEEP, and future newsletters
– Dr. Masaru Emoto 1943–2014
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October 28, 2014

Council applicant Collins questions selection process

Yelm City Council applicant Preston Collins went on the record tonight during the pubic comment period questioning the Council's selection and notification process [said he was not notified his application had been received. Mayor responded this is not a city procedure.]

This was AFTER the tie-breaking vote recipient Jennifer Littlefield was sworn into the City Council's position 4. Mayor Harding's comments & Mayor Pro-tem Isom's bristling remarks in response were aimed primarily at the Nisqually Valley News (NVN) for two things:

1. They claimed the NVN showed no interest in asking for (nor publishing) the names of the 7 City Council applicants for the then-open seat,
2. Isom claimed the NVN showed no interest in the vacant Council position and only picked-up the news of the council opening off a blog.

Isom's reference is the NVN coverage of this blog's conflict-of-interest reference to Mayor Harding's tie-breaking vote.

In responding to Collins, Isom directed his anger at this blog and the NVN, which was misplaced, as Collins was not referring to this blog's entry on the mayor's tie-breaking conflict-of interest vote, rather he questioned the selection & notification process in choosing a Council candidate, which are 2 different things.
This is a convenient ploy to deflect a situation - respond to a different subject!

That Isom was so defensive that his integrity and that of the council's was questioned, was very revealing - that a nerve has been struck with this on-the-record statement by a Council candidate last night.

Stay tuned for more.

Red Wind to christen new parking garage tomorrow

"A grand opening ceremony is set for Wednesday to christen a 600-space parking garage at the Nisqually Red Wind Casino.

A public reception is set for 10 a.m., followed by the grand opening ceremony at 11 a.m.," quoting The Olympian.
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Gov. Inslee acts on "disruptive change" about climate

Gov. Jay Inslee

"On Climate Disruption, Washington Governor Inslee Vows 'Disruptive Change'"
"Inslee understands how deep the crisis of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) runs.

'We know that two of the most challenging threats we face to our environment are climate change and ocean acidification,' Inslee said just after being elected governor of his home state in January 2013. He promised 'disruptive change' to the way his state operated, and his actions have followed suit.

In September 2014, Inslee told a gathering of climate researchers at the University of Washington that Americans who remained neutral or indifferent on the subject of ACD were just as guilty as ACD deniers. During the conference, Inslee cited numerous studies that revealed the depths of ACD's impacts on oceans, birds and human health, and went on to say that no one can remain on the sidelines any longer," by Dahr Jamail, Truthout.
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Editor's Note:
The Yelm Community Blog applauds Gov. Inslee for his efforts and leadership on this subject!

"Voters Weigh Gun Control Measures in Wake of Shooting"

"Voters in Washington state will decide on two gun control initiatives next week just as a teen wounded in Friday's shooting rampage succumbs to her injuries. NBC News' Tracie Potts reports," quoting NBC News.
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Editor's note:
Ever notice when gun control measures are on states' ballots, that is preceded by a high-profile shooting?

October 27, 2014

A Yelm Autumn Sunrise

93rd Ave SE looking east this morning
Photo courtesy: Diane D'Acuti

Let the facts speak for themselves -
Harding was previously warned by State Auditor's Office

Mayor Ron Harding

With the community in an uproar over Mayor Harding's side-stepping a conflict-of-interest issue in this week's Nisqually Valley News story, listing me as the only person rallying this call as the mayor's "nemesis," if reporter Wyble would have had the courtesy to interview me directly, he would have been given the facts that others highlighted Mayor Harding's previous conflicts of interest:

- Wyble's former boss, then-Nisqually Valley News (NVN) Publisher/Editor Keven Graves said this in his June 18, 2010 Op-Ed titled "Should the mayor be serving two masters?" when Harding was both mayor and Chamber President:
"I believe the 'perception' of a conflict of interest can be every bit as damaging as a genuine conflict of interest."

- Graves also raised this issue in 2011 when Harding served as Mayor of Yelm and President of the Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce, while also on the city’s Transportation Committee. That committee recommended naming a city street 'Walmart Boulevard' adjacent Yelm's Wal-Mart superstore, also a Yelm Camber of Commerce member and another instance where Harding should have recused himself from involvement.

- Harding was told by the State Auditor's office in 2013 that he should have "bent over backwards" to prevent any and all appearances of a conflict of interest when a Yelm Chamber of Commerce electronic reader board was placed on city property. Again, Mr. Graves said Harding could 'grease the skids' for the Chamber over other applicants.

- In January 2013, Harding filed to be interim County Auditor for a then-recently vacated position. The day prior to the County Commissioners decision, Harding withdrew his name. The Commissioners chose Deputy County Auditor & Rep. Gary Alexander, who then selected Harding as his deputy replacement. Mr. Harding kept his Yelm mayoral position and along with his boss Rep. Alexander, they were getting two taxpayer funded paychecks. While legal, there were calls from a large cross-section of the community that Harding had County decisions and oversight involving the City of Yelm, therefore a conflict of interest. He became known as half of the team known as the Double-Dippers.

October 26, 2014

"Organic and Local: Still the Gold Standard"

Op-Ed from the Organic Consumers Association:
"In 2011, we wrote an article exposing the then-popular trend in food marketing—promoting "local" foods as "sustainable," "healthy" or "natural," even when they weren’t.

As we wrote at the time, “local” often means nothing more than food that has been sourced from within a prescribed geographic area. (According to Walmart and Big Food, “local” refers to anything produced within a 400-mile radius). But because a growing number of conscientious consumers actively seek out the “local” label—and are willing to pay a premium for it—corporations routinely co-opt the term so they can sell more product, at higher prices, in order to increase profit margins by promising (but not actually delivering) added value.

Fast forward a couple of years, and we see that sales of “local” food are still on the rise, as are sales of “natural” and more recently, “Non-GMO” foods. And today, just as they were a few years ago, consumers are still being duped by corporations that use these labels to pass off products as something they aren’t," quoting Ronnie Cummins and Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association.
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