April 15, 2014

Jason's Greenhouse garden class Saturday

© 2014 Jason's Greenhouse Inc
Logo courtesy of Xtreme Designs NW

From Yelm-based Jason's Greenhouse:
"If you are interested in designing your spring containers but don't know exactly where to start then this will be a great class for you. On April 19 at 11am Val will be showing you the steps to a successful container. Come ready to learn and maybe even get dirty! At the end of the class you will know everything you need to know!

Our seed potatoes and onion sets have arrived! Come by and scoop these up before they are gone. Fingerling potatoes are $2.49/lb, regular potatoes are $1.99/lb, and the onion sets are $1.99/lb! We have many different varieties! Come in today and get your garden started.

Did you know that we have our Asparagus Crowns in? They are only 10 for $7.99! We have both Jersey Knight and Martha Washington. Also, this year we have Onion bunches! They are only $4.99 for 30! We have Candy, Red Zeppelin, and Spanish Yellow. Stop by and see our amazing selection of bare root fruit trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, and much more!

Do you need to know what berries, roses, shrubs, or trees that we carry? Now you can get all of that information right here on our website! Just go to the retail stock tab under visit us."

- WHAT: Jason’s Greenhouse Class: Steps to a successful container.
- WHEN: Saturday, April 19, 11am
- WHERE: Jason’s Greenhouse, 11337 Bald Hill Rd SE, Yelm

Jason's Greenhouse
Open 7 days a week, 9:00am to 5:30pm
Your local garden center since 2007
Contact us: 360-458-2412

April 14, 2014

Responsible Choices Receives Bullitt Foundation Grant

Responsible Choices, a non-partisan organization that seeks to educate Washington State voters about ballot initiatives, has received a one-year $25,000 grant from the Bullitt Foundation.

The Bullitt Foundation, which is concerned with sustainable development, concentrates on urban issues, business and technology, ecosystem services and planning, and civic engagement. The grant to Responsible Choices was in the Foundation's Leadership and Civic Engagement program category.

Responsible Choices formed in 2012 out of a concern that the state's initiative process with its paid signature gatherers had strayed far from its initial purpose when created in 1912. It was intended as a tool of grassroots democracy to counter the influence of powerful special interests. Today, too often voters get their information from dueling advertisements with limited facts. Victory by the side of the initiative that spends the most money is usually assured.

The Bullitt Foundation grant will provide start-up funds for Responsible Choices and help underwrite its ballot initiative review process pilot project."

"Responsible Choices aims to create an informed electorate that will have the benefit of unbiased, non-partisan information about all state-wide initiatives and referenda. The electorate will learn about the true impacts of initiatives," quoting Responsible Choices.
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April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday 2014 in Yelm, WA -
No "Reason" found in Finding Reason column

Yelm, WA - No "reason" found in NVN's "Finding Reason" column

"Jesus didn’t tolerate spiritual leaders who misled,"
says Pastor Jeff Adams' in his Nisqually Valley News (NVN) "Finding Reason" column this week, with another veiled reference aimed at JZ Knight & Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) students.

- In Adams' column last week, he claims the pilot of a 1984 Avianca Airlines jet crash turned off the automatic warning system and said “Shut up, Gringo” to the cockpit command, prior to the plane crashing into the side of a mountain, with no survivors.
Adams then goes on to say the aircraft's "black box proved valuable in how pilots are now trained with a renewed emphasis to not ignore automatic warning systems" in his column titled "Pay Mind to Our Auto-Warning System," in yet another veiled reference to JZ Knight and RSE.

Further, a simple internet search would show the automatic warning systems to which Adams refers, called a ground proximity warning system, had never been disengaged in each of Avianca's three jet crashes, according to their Black Box transcripts.

- Why should NVN readers tolerate Adams when he misled by using an internet rumor for his own agenda?

- Adams has not responded with the source of his statements,
a request I posted in the NVN online edition, yet his “Shut up, Gringo” assertion IS offensive to all of our Colombian friends and neighbors, who take pride in the quality and history of their country's airlines.

- A local citizen was quoted in the newspaper
expressing care and concern by the Christians in town for the students at RSE.

- Many more citizens from ALL walks of life in the Yelm area
are concerned about a Pastor using his "bully pulpit" of a "religious column" to mislead the public with unsubstantiated innuendos dressed-up as facts.

- On this Palm Sunday 2014 in Yelm
"Jesus didn’t tolerate spiritual leaders who misled."
Many consider the use of the word "Gringo" a racist slur, so we must ask Adams who's the bigot now?
Why should NVN readers tolerate Adams when he misled with an internet rumor used for his own agenda?

When unsubstantiated internet rumors are published and used to stir public debate, isn't our local "news" paper's credibility at stake?
Yes, of course.
Then, hasn't the time come for Pastor Adams' column to cease?

April 12, 2014

Ground-breaking movie opens in Yelm Wednesday -
"Heaven Is For Real"

© 2014 Sony Pictures Digital Productions Inc.

Bring your friends & family to Yelm Cinemas for "Heaven Is For Real"

"Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book of the same name, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL brings to the screen the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son's extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world."
Read more from Sony Pictures.

Click here for showtimes at Yelm Cinemas.

April 11, 2014

Wilcox Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow

"The Mad Dash" -
Wilcox Family Farms Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Wilcox Annual Easter Event
Saturday, April 12, 2014
10am - 4pm

- Tour the organic egg farm

- Enjoy fresh omelets

- Take a hay ride around the farm

- Visit the original one room schoolhouse and the historical museum

- Easter Egg Hunt!

Admission is FREE.
Wilcox Farm
40400 Harts Lake Valley Rd.
Roy, WA

ALL depends on your definition of "cult" -
"10 Cult Coffee Shops" making news

Photo © Courtesy of 3fe coffee Ltd.,Dublin

With the Nisqually Valley News Editor/Publisher's focus in recent weeks asking
"Is RSE a cult?"
doesn't it all depend on YOUR definition of "cult"?

Webster's has this as one definition:
"of, for, or attracting a small group of devotees: a cult movie."

This story is in one of the world's leading travel magazines this week -
"10 Cult Coffee Shops"
"The coffee culture you once knew has undergone tremendous changes over the last decade, with third-wave pioneers fostering both loyal followings and evolved ways to produce a cup of joe. Whether you like your daily fix simple or sophisticated, places like Linea Caffe in San Francisco, Tim Wendelboe in Oslo, Maison Ikkoku in Singapore and Café Myriade in Montreal have taken it to the next level," by Sasha Levine in Departures Magazine.
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What, no Seattle area coffee shop was on the list?

Yelm holds "Open House" on Unified Dev. Code - Monday

Yelm Public Safety Building & City Council Chambers

Open House and Hearing
The City of Yelm seeks public input in updating their Unified Development Code (UDC):
• The City of Yelm Planning Commission will hold an Open House Monday, April 14, 5-7pm,
Yelm Public Safety Building, 206 McKenzie Ave.

• The City of Yelm Planning Commission’s public hearing will be Monday, April 21, 6pm,
Yelm Public Safety Building, 206 McKenzie Ave.

• To download a copy of the draft Unified Development Code (UDC), click here: www.ci.yelm.wa.us/udc
Written comments from the public are accepted.

What is a Unified Development Code (UDC)?
The UDC is a compilation of existing zoning, subdivision and development related regulations found in the Yelm Municipal Code, Development and Design Guidelines.
It combines the various regulations in a manner that reflects how the City’s development and land use approval process actually proceeds.
The UDC makes it easier for the developer, property owner, and staff to determine what is required, how to apply, how the application will be reviewed, and what to expect for the process.

Why is this important to you?
This is your opportunity to provide constructive input and suggestions on how to make regulation, development, and permitting within the City easier for you as the property owner, developer, or business owner.

April 10, 2014

"Americans' brains being fried by cell towers"

"New scientific evidence reveals shocking extent of electropollution damage"

"Exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite. That's the conclusion of a new study just published by the British Medical Journal.

The study, authored by Professor Enrique A Navarro, concluded that the severity of such symptoms directly correlated to cell tower exposure levels. In other words, the closer a person lives to a cell tower, the greater the severity of their symptoms. This was true regardless of race, income level and other demographics," quoting Mike Adams, Editor of NaturalNews.com.
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"Vandals deface Rainier mural honoring fallen soldier"

"Graffiti mars a mural honoring a fallen soldier"
Photo by Jeremy Pawloski, The Olympian

"Vandals have again defaced a mural honoring fallen soldier and Rainier native Sgt. Justin Norton.

Norton was just 21 when he was killed in action by an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Baghdad, Iraq on June 24, 2006.

In 2011, the Rainier community came together to honor Norton by painting a mural of him on a train trestle that visible from the road at the edge of town," " quoting Jeremy Pawloski in The Olympian.
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"Gallup: Olympia leads in access to affordable produce"

"Olympia residents have easier access to affordable fruits and vegetables than any other city in the nation, according to a Gallup poll.

Released this week, the poll reports that 96.6 percent of Olympia residents find it easy to get fresh produce. Another Washington city, Yakima, ranks fourth at 96 percent," quoting Andy Hobbs in The Olympian.
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